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shutterstock_88924612Energy Benchmark Services offers accurate, affordable office building benchmarking to help building owners, property managers and investors make informed, energy-related business decisions.

Whether you have an office building that needs a benchmark ranking for compliance purposes or simply want to gauge your building’s performance against the competition, we can help.

With years of energy efficiency experience, we offer ENERGY STAR® ranking and onsite energy audits that can identify no-cost or low-cost savings as well as cost-effective investment opportunities.

Why benchmark?

  • Assess energy performance baselines for buildings and set goals for improvement.
  • Track and report on energy performance, costs, savings and environmental impact over time, for individual buildings and entire portfolios.
  • Comply with California Assembly Bill 1103 or similar legislation.
  • Apply for the prestigious ENERGY STAR label with scores above 75.
  • Compete from a position of knowledge and strength to retain and attract tenants
  • Earn points toward LEED® certification.

How To Get Started

The easiest way to begin is to call us to discuss your project. There is no obligation.

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The basic information needed to start the audit process includes:

  • Business name
  • Building address
  • Total square footage
  • Operating hours per week
  • Electric and gas account numbers along with a one to two year utility billing history
  • Number of occupants and number of personal computers
  • Energy Benchmark Services

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